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Burial services at Scotto Funeral Home, a non denominational interfaith funeral home that proudly serves the Brooklyn, NY area. We provide deceased services in a compassionate and professional atmosphere. We encourage your funeral planning commemoration of the deceased in ways that are appropriate to the unique preferences and culture of the lives they lived.

Our company provides a complete range of funeral service components. Our cremation services, funeral ceremonies, disinterments and memorials meet various cultural and financial wishes of each individual or family. Our all faith funerals arrangements concentrate on respectful remembrance of the lost loved one while comforting the family and attendees by helping in any way we can to prepare and carry out the service.

When a death occurs, there will be many questions and many decisions. Our kind and professional staff wants to assist in the funeral service in whatever way we can. For more information about our family owned funeral home, contact us at Scotto Funeral Home today.

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